1. Start up (2012) By Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid


1. Start up (2012) By Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid

30”x40” solvent inks on aluminium with gloss finish

Start. Up.

This was one of the first images I drew during TechCrunch Disrupt during a talk by Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz.  Two simple words that mean a lot apart and even more together.


Move, make, create, ship, do.  Just start.  That's what entrepreneurs do.  They start.  They start something.  Sometimes it is something big.  Sometimes it is a big failure.  Either way, they got things done. 


Often (hopefully) followed by "and to the right” it represents success: positive movement, growth, etc.

Put them together and you have the driving force of our entrepreneurial economy.

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