5. Happiness Innovates (2014) By Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid


5. Happiness Innovates (2014) By Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid


30”x40” Solvent inks on aluminum with gloss finish

Henry Ford was a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a visionary.

The Steve Jobs of the early 1900's.

Even so, he made a huge, avoidable mistake - that lost his company its seat as the #1 automobile producer in the country.

It was time for Henry Ford to update his obsession, the Model T.  

He knew it, but was dragging his feet, so one of his team members came up with a prototype while Ford was on vacation. 

Ford got back and tore up the plans in a rage. He didn't want to replace his perfect car. Competitors saw an opportunity to dethrone the giant, and did.

Instead of wallowing, Ford took his own advice. "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently".

He relented. He accepted. He began again. 

The new Model A was an incredible success, taking his company right back to the top.

Invention is just as much about attitude as it is about talent. Exactly.

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