The MOT Scholarship

The MOT Scholarship aims at giving an aspiring entrepreneur the opportunity to learn how to code so that they can be on their way to becoming a Masters of Tomorrow. 

The MOT Scholarship is made possible by the creative gift of several artists that care about touching the live of an aspiring Miami entrepreneur.  We want to give special thanks to Hugh MacLeod, who has created original pieces for Masters of Tomorrow based on the vision of the future shared by MOT speakers at the Master Class event hosted by

Hugh MacLeod's original pieces, together with special art works donated by artists Camilo Pardo, Claudio Roncoli, Greg Gayle and Jaime Dussan is being sold to raise funds for the MOT Scholarship. 

(Masters of Tomorrow has partnered with Wyncode in order to award one or more of its students with a scholarship to their award-winning coding program.)

MOT Scholarship Artists:

  • Hugh MacLeood
  • Claudio Roncoli
  • Greg Gayle
  • Jaime Dussan
  • Camilo Pardo