Michael Burtov

Founder of GeoOrbital

Although Michael Burtov has 15 years experience in starting-up and seeing companies thought their lifecycle, with GeoOrbital, he went out on a limb. Powered by a complete lack of knowledge of engineering he defied years of conventional thought and engineering convention. Inspired by a motorcycle in the movie "TRON," he came up with an idea for an electric wheel that could easily be attached to almost any bicycle, he built the first prototype in his kitchen and the crazy idea became a massive success. Before GeoOrbital Michael had a number of different jobs, was the Founder and CEO of 3 companies (2 failed, 1 thrived) and is very proud of having served over 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer. 

Michael and his work have been featured in hundreds of publications world wide - ranging from Forbes to Time Magazine. He was also named “One of the top Inventors of 2016" and one of the "most dynamic and creative people shaping business today.” buy the Upstart Business Journal.