Ella & Emi

Although Emilia Garth and Ella Romand meet over 5 years ago, it was only recently that the duo started making music and playing live. Jamming one day at Ella’s studio, they quickly noticed that they had similar taste for uplifting yet meaningful music. After a random request to sing live for a birthday party, they started doing a live DJ set where Emilia sings and Ella plays the keys of their own original tracks. They have been producing on their own as well as doing collaborations with other DJ/producers such as Dan.K (USA) Yura (Russia) Lucks (Brazil) and other musicians.

Despite the duo recent history, their shows have been very successful and full of energy, performing at the popular Secret Garden Party during Art Walk, The Electric Pickle, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Faena, Basement Club at Edition Hotel and the Rubber Duckie Pool Party in Fort Lauderdale for over 800 people in less than a year. They are currently preparing an EP that is soon to be released.